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MOM Allied Health

Our Services

Mind Over Matter Allied Health is an Allied Health company delivering treatment, rehabilitation methods, and health interventions services in order to restore and sustain optimal cognitive, psychological and sensory functions intergenerationally.


Our licensed therapist are industry experts in the Allied Health profession. 

We provide the following services:


Health Education

Strength Conditioning & Training

Injury Prevention

Recovery Services

Manual Therapy

Massage Therapy

Physical Therapy

Percussion Therapy

Cupping Therapy



Mark Fields
Carlton Agudosi
Steve Nelson

Percussion Therapy


About Me

For well over 5 years my priority has been aiding others with reaching their true potential. Accordingly, my vision of Mind Over Matter has been to create an innovative therapy plan that fits each patients' physical needs and abilities to maximize their potential. Through education and training, I aid in managing mental, physical, and social functions towards a work life balance. I look forward to working with you.


                                                                                             Truly Yours,

                                                                                               - Josh S.

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